Campbell’s New V8 Protein Shakes and Bars


I am a member with the Social Fabric Network and this was a sponsored post. I have been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, however, all opinions are 100% mine alone.#LoveV8Protein #CollectiveBias Yes, I know. Two posts today? Am I insane? Probably, but of course you guys already knew that. HOWEVER. I justRead more

Bakery-Style Apple Pie


This cozy apple pie is so classic and simple, yet it tastes almost exactly like bakery-style apple pie! You won’t be able to resist it’s flaky lattice crust and the soft, caramel-y apple filling. Heaven!  It’s almost Thanksgiving-time, guys. The past few weeks I’ve been getting you all psyched up for the holiday with pretty muchRead more

Thanksgiving Pecan Streusel Sweet Potato Casserole

Looking for that perfect sweet potato dish to bring to your Thanksgiving gathering? Look no further than this simple pecan streusel-covered sweet potato casserole---It's been a family-favorite for years! @WholeHeavenly

Looking for that perfect sweet potato dish to bring to your Thanksgiving gathering? Look no further than this simple pecan streusel-covered sweet potato casserole—It’s been a family-favorite for years! Don’t hate me. I realize that not everyone around here is as sweet potato-cray as I am. What I’m getting at is, yes, I’m throwing yetRead more

Caramelized Apple Granola Breakfast Parfaits


Add a little fun to your usual breakfast, with these fall-flavored granola parfaits! They whip up in less than 10 minutes and are layered with crunchy granola, caramelized apples, and smooth vanilla yogurt. We’re going parfait-cray today. YAY. And well, Friday seems as good a time as any to break out the caramel-y apple goodness,Read more

Extra-Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Your Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without the mashed potatoes—This timeless recipe yields perfectly smooth and creamy mashed potatoes every single time and fragrant roasted garlic and buttermilk do wonders for flavor! I’m officially fuh-REAKING out. Thanksgiving is only a week away, I’m trying to prepare for a houseful of 20+ people, I’m literally up toRead more

Mom’s Cranberry Sauce


Perfectly sweet and tangy, my mom’s cranberry sauce recipe is an essential side dish on our Thanksgiving table. It’s so simple, yet so packed full of flavor, you’ll never go back to the canned stuff again! Another cranberry recipe for y’all. Because I’m a little cray about the cranberries. This cranberry sauce recipe is aRead more

Skillet Cheesy Beef Ziti


This all-in-one beef ziti is made entirely in the skillet and whips up in 30 minutes flat! Your family will love how hot and cheesy it is—Serve with crusty bread for a stick-to-your-ribs dinner! Uh-oh. I said the Z word. Z-z-z-ZITI! You are definitely in for a carb-loaded treat today….and perhaps a ton a bit ofRead more

Soft-Baked Kitchen Sink Cookies


These huge soft-baked cookies are loaded with literally everything but the kitchen sink! You’ll fall in love with them at first bite. Don’t freak out. I didn’t lose my mind and accidentally add the kitchen sink to my cookie dough. I’m not THAT unmindful in the kitchen. I just added everything BUT my kitchen sink toRead more

Crockpot Sweet Potato Stuffing


Your Thanksgiving menu wouldn’t be complete without the stuffing! This slow-cooker version cooks low ‘n’ slow and is jam-packed with lots of tender sweet potato cubes. Comfort in a pot! I’m a sucker for the stuffing at Thanksgiving. A stuffing-sucker, if you will. Geez, that sounds kinda dangerous… I’m also a sweet potato crazy-lady. SeriouslyRead more

Cinnamon-Roll Oatmeal with Cookie Streusel

Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal with Cookie Streusel

This cozy oatmeal has a luscious swirl of cinnamon glaze and is generously topped with crumbled oatmeal cookies. Your morning oatmeal will never be boring again! Cinnamon rolls, cookies, AND oatmeal. My goodness, now THAT’s a mouthful. A pretty tasty mouthful. For real, your morning oatmeal is changed FOREVER.  So, um. Put DOWN that package ofRead more

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie


This silky pumpkin pie has a luscious cheesecake swirl inside and is a fun alternative to classic pumpkin pie. Try it for your Thanksgiving dessert this year! When the moon hits your eye like a big pumpkin cheesecake pie, THAT’S AMORE’! Sorry about that. You know I had to. So this pie. It’s kinda bringingRead more

Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken with Veggies


This simple roasted chicken is full of comforting fall flavors with lots of tender veggies on the side. It’s so easy and comforting you’ll want to make it all winter long! Winner-winner chicken dinner in the pan. Sarah shoving it in her face as fast as she can. Yes, I get that my whole rhythmRead more