How To Make French Press Coffee

- A smooth and rich coffee flavor - The option to make single-serve or additional cups - Minutes to make and an easy way to get coffeehouse-quality coffee at home

This coffee features...

- Whole coffee beans - Coffee grinder - Kitchen scale - Kettle - French press - Stirring spoon


Bring about 1/2 cup water to a boil and pour into French press. Set plunger on top and allow water to sit several minutes to warm French press.

Warm French press


For one 8-oz serving of French press coffee, weigh 14 grams whole coffee beans using a kitchen scale.

Weigh coffee


Grind whole coffee beans until they reach a coarse consistency similar to the texture of flaky sea salt.

Grind coffee


Drain warming water out of French press and place coffee grounds in the bottom.

Add coffee


Pour 8 oz boiling water over coffee and allow to sit 1 minute without stirring. Use a long stirring spoon to break up coffee and allow to sit an additional 3 minutes.

Brew coffee


Push French press plunger top down to separate the liquid from the grounds. Immediately pour coffee into a mug for serving and enjoy!

Pour coffee