Grilled Peach Burrata Salad

- Juicy grilled peaches, fresh tomatoes, and creamy burrata - A spicy basil vinaigrette - Minutes to make and perfect for a summer dinner

This salad features...

- Basil - White vinegar - Dijon mustard - Honey - Red pepper flakes - Garlic

- Peaches - Spring greens - Tomatoes - Burrata - Olive oil


In a food processor, pulse basil, vinegar, mustard, honey, red pepper flakes, and garlic while drizzling olive oil through top until smooth. Season dressing with salt and pepper to taste.

Make dressing


In a small bowl, whisk honey and olive oil together. Brush over cut side of peaches.

Prep peaches


Place peaches cut-side down on a preheated grill and allow to cook 3-5 minutes until slightly charred. Transfer to a cutting board and cut into wedges.



Arrange greens on a large serving plate and top with grilled peaches, tomato wedges, and burrata. Drizzle dressing over top and serve salad. Enjoy!