Blackened Chicken Sandwich

- Juicy grilled chicken thighs with blackened seasoning - A creamy avocado slaw - Minutes to make and perfect for a summer weeknight

This sandwich features...

- Avocado - Mayonnaise - Garlic - Honey - Cabbage

- Spices - Chicken thighs - Hamburger buns - Green onion


Place avocado in a large bowl and mash well with a fork. Fold in mayonnaise, garlic, honey, cabbage, and green onion until slaw is evenly coated.

Make slaw


Combine spices and rub evenly over chicken thighs. Grill chicken over high heat until chicken registers 165F. Cool slightly.

Grill chicken


Assemble sandwiches by placing chicken thighs and avocado slaw on buns. Top with avocado slices and green onion and serve. Enjoy!